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Composite fillings are the most modern way of repairing teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay (cavities) or other types of trauma. The fillings are made from a synthetic composite resin material which is shaped directly on the tooth. The dentist makes sure to shape the filling to resemble your natural tooth and then cures it with a light to keep it sturdy.

Repair damaged teeth quickly with composite fillings at Platinum Dental Provo. Call us to schedule an appointment.

We Love Natural Smiles

Our Platinum Dental Care Provo professionals love composite fillings because they quick to apply, match the natural color of your teeth, are created from a strong material, and are a great choice for repairing the teeth. Trust our team to repair your teeth and help your smile last!

Benefits of

Composite Fillings

  • Maintains a natural-looking smile
  • Replaces decay
  • Quick to install and can be completed at a single appointment
  • The most current tooth repair technique
  • Protects against future decay on the tooth that is being repaired

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