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Each of your teeth has roots, like a tree or plant. Sometimes the root of a tooth can become infected because of bacteria that is commonly caused by poor dental hygiene habits. Root canal treatment is a way to protect your natural tooth. It is designed to eliminate the bad bacteria from an infected root canal. 

If you have a tooth that is sensitive to cold, hot, or chewing and you think something is wrong with it, schedule an appointment today! The sooner we treat your infected tooth the sooner you’ll start feeling better.

how are infected root canals treated?

During the treatment, we will remove the infectious tooth pulp from the infected root of the tooth, clean the area, and then reseal the tooth which will help prevent future infections.

It often takes a couple of appointments to repair the teeth. At the first one, we’ll remove the infected pulp and make a temporary tooth repair. At the second appointment, we’ll fit the tooth with a permanent crown. 

Root Canal Treatments

Can Help With:

  • Eliminating pain
  • Helping repaired teeth feel normal
  • Protecting surrounding teeth
  • Preserving a damaged tooth
  • Teeth appearing natural

Start feeling better today! Make an appointment today and get relief from the pain of an infected tooth. 

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