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Getting a tooth pulled is rarely a fun experience which is why at Platinum Dental we make it our first priority to ensure our patients have comfortable experiences. Our patients often worry about possible pain from a tooth extraction but with the use of local anesthetic injection, there is no need to worry. The injection will numb the area and prevent you from feeling any pain. If you are still concerned about a tooth extraction, ask a member of our team about sedation dentistry today.

When tooth extractions are necessary, our team puts our patients first. Learn how we can prioritize you and schedule an appointment at Platinum Dental Care Provo today!

What Types of Tooth Extraction Are There?

Dentists extract adult teeth and sometimes even baby teeth. When adult teeth are extracted it is typically due to trauma, overcrowding, damage, or decay. After the damaged tooth is removed, our dentists help you choose a tooth replacement.

Baby tooth extraction is typically a simple dental procedure. If a child’s tooth refuses to budge on its own, our dentist may need to extract it in order to make room for adult teeth to grow in. If you have a child who needs help losing a tooth, give us a call!

Tooth Extraction

Recovery Tips

  • Ice the outside of your mouth
  • Take pain medication as instructed by your doctor
  • Eat soft or liquid food until you can comfortably chew
  • Know that recovery takes time
  • Visit your dentist for a follow-up appointment

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