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We recommend dental x-rays are taken every 6-18 months to help us provide you with the dental care you need. For those who are concerned with the safety of dental x-rays be assured, your safety is a top priority, which means, yes, dental x-rays are safe! 

Your exposure to radiation is minimal and the machine and process we use are modern and carefully monitored. A leaded apron and collar are used to cover the abdominal area and thyroid as an extra layer of protection. Schedule your appointment today!

Why Do I Need Dental X-rays?

Platinum Dental Provo wants to provide the best dental care for all patients, which is why we recommend dental x-rays. X-rays take an image of the structure of your teeth, thus providing an excellent view of the tooth surfaces and in between each tooth. We love dental x-rays because they allow us to get a better idea of what is happening with your teeth which makes it so we can create a treatment plan specific to your needs. 

The Benefits of

Dental X-Rays?

  • Helps the dentist evaluate your overall oral health
  • Low levels of radiation
  • Alert dentist to issues early on
  • Detect cavities
  • Discover tooth decay
  • Uncover impacted teeth

Get a closer look at what is going on with your teeth through the use of dental x-rays! Call us today to schedule an appointment. 

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